There is no single entity that can solve the complex and interconnected problems we face as a society. To overcome the grand challenges we face, collaboration and co-ordination across the Research and Innovation landscape is paramount. Research Innovation Scotland strives to depict a whole system view, to act as a catalyst for intersectionality, toward a better future; to build back better.

Research Innovation Scotland was created by the Scottish Research Pools in collaboration with the Scottish Innovation Centres and Interface and is managed by SULSA.

RIS Activities & Networking

Build your network via our International Coffee Break and Multidisciplinary Matchmaker. Learn more and sign up via our RIS Partnerships Platform via the links below.

International Coffee Break

Multidisciplinary Matchmaker



The RIS represents a pan-Scotland collaborative initiative addressing and promoting cross-disciplinary research and innovation. Further information on the specific and wide-ranging work of the Research Pools is not repeated here but links are available from the members page.

Research Innovation Scotland is a proud member of Connected Scotland