“It is really exciting to see the SFC-supported Research Pools and Innovation Centres coming together for a shared purpose which will benefit research, the economy and society in Scotland and beyond. Scotland’s collaborative culture in research is a huge asset for us and connecting that with business-facing Innovation Centres and with Interface, our national hub connecting business and academia, will help us take on the challenges facing Scotland. SFC looks forward to working with the Research Innovation Scotland partnership.” 

Dr Stuart Fancey, Director of Research and Innovation, Scottish Funding Council


Upcoming activities

Our upcoming interdisciplinary RIS activities aim to target the immediate challenges posed both by the need for economic and social recovery from COVID-19 and the longer-term development of sustainable and resilient societies.

Blue Carbon II


Graduate Employability Workshops

Energy Innovation Emporium

Aligned initiatives

The Research Pools, Innovation Centres and Interface work with organisations and networks that span the Scottish Research and Innovation landscape, learn about some of the exciting new interdisciplinary and innovative activities happening across Scotland.

The RIS represents a new pan-Scotland collaborative initiative specifically addressing and promoting cross-disciplinary research and innovation. An initiative that will facilitate and accelerate the exploitation of the world-class fundamental and applied research conducted across Scotland’s Research Pools for societal and economic benefit. Further information on the specific and wide-ranging work of the Research Pools is not repeated here but links are available from the members page.