Interested in building your international network through short and informal online conversations between fellow researchers in Scotland and Germany? Get involved in the International Coffee Break @ RIS

Make Connections

Establish new connections with researchers across disciplines in Scotland and in Germany


Gain Insight

Interact with those more senior or junior to you and consider new perspectives


Broaden Your Mind

Broaden your mindset speaking to scientists outside of your usual sphere/community/network

How it Works

Building our international networks has never been more important and the International Coffee Break @ RIS is here to help!

Just sign up via our new RIS-Partnerships Platform to be connected for 15-minute coffee breaks online, and have the kind of conversations that can, just sometimes, lead to something really interesting.


Why Scotland and Germany?

This initiative runs between Scotland and a priority partner for both Scottish and UK Governments – Germany.

With plenty of research funding opportunities available from UKRI, Innovate UK, BBSRC and others, now is a great time to be making new connections with academics in Germany and seeding new collaborations.

As well as large-scale jointly funded programmes there are opportunities for smaller grants and initiatives to support mobility, exchanges and new partnerships.

Check out SULSA’s information session with the German Research Foundation (DFG) and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) below.



“This is my second coffee break and I really enjoyed both chats about research background/sharing experience. Brilliant!”

“Excellent initiative and opportunity”

“Interesting chat, there may be some overlap to explore, we’ve left follow-up open; but I can also see cross-over with my colleagues’ work even if less directly with mine, so there may be some direct impact.”

80% of previous participants went on to have follow up discussions and 90% found conversations useful