Interested in building your multidisciplinary network through short and informal online conversations between fellow researchers in Scotland? Get involved in the Coffee Break @ RIS

Make Connections

Establish new connections with researchers across disciplines in Scotland


Gain Insight

Interact with those more senior or junior to you and consider new perspectives


Broaden Your Mind

Broaden your mindset speaking to scientists outside of your usual sphere/community/network

Aim of Coffee Break @ RIS

The Coffee Break @ RIS enables you to participate in short, informal online conversations with researchers in other disciplines from across the Research Pool networks. Working across disciplines is notoriously difficult in ordinary circumstances. Currently, we don’t have those opportunities for fortuitous encounters that happen during coffee breaks and institute seminars – the kind of conversations that can, just sometimes, lead to something really interesting.

How it Works

Target Audience: Any researcher (academic, postdoc, PhD student) from any of the RIS Research Pools and Innovation Centres or the SGSSS.

How it Works:

  • Researchers should complete our short form stating your discipline and the discipline you wish to engage with
  • The RIS team will aim to coordinate the matching of participants within five days and then create a Doodle poll for both parties to complete their availability for around 10 days later
  • A 15-minute Zoom call will be set up by the RIS team (participants are welcome to speak for longer if they wish)
  • A short feedback form will be sent to the participating researchers

We don’t place any expectations on these conversations…it is simply an introduction!

How to Participate

To participate, just fill out the very short application form.

Get in Touch

For more information, please contact the SICSA KE Director (on behalf of RIS)

Coffee Break @ RIS is a RIS-wide activity led by SICSA and ScotCHEM

“This is my second coffee break and I really enjoyed both chats about research background/sharing experience. Brilliant!”

“Excellent initiative and opportunity”

“Interesting chat, there may be some overlap to explore, we’ve left follow-up open; but I can also see cross-over with my colleagues’ work even if less directly with mine, so there may be some direct impact.”