Do you have a good research idea but need to connect with researchers from outside your discipline and outside your university to make it great? The Scottish Research Pools and Partners want to help.

Aim of Multidisciplinary Matchmaker

In response to the UKRI’s pre-announcement of their cross research council responsive mode pilot scheme we are offering to facilitate connections across our wide networks within Scotland.

This scheme is looking for applicants to apply for funding for interdisciplinary ideas that transcend, combine or significantly span disciplines.

If you have a “bottom-up idea without a natural home council” and would like to connect, and ultimately collaborate, with a researcher from another discipline within another university then fill in our form below.

* Read more on UKRI plans for interdisciplinary research in their Corporate Plan (Objective 3)

How to Get Involved

To sign up, please complete our Multidisciplinary Matchmaker Form.

By providing some top-level information we can then identify potential academics within our networks and facilitate introductions.

We encourage academics from across STEAM and we will make connections on a best effort basis. Forms will be reviewed every Monday and we will aim to respond within 2 weeks of the closest review date.

To be sure we are as inclusive as possible in who we suggest we are also asking for any academics that might be interested to collaborate on new and exciting transdisciplinary proposals to get in touch via the same form.

Get in Touch

For more information, please contact the RIS Coordinator and SULSA Director (on behalf of RIS):

This initiative is being supported by the following Research Pools, Innovation Centres and Graduate Schools, providing connections across the following disciplines: Life Sciences, Informatics and Computing Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Medical Imaging, Geosciences and thematic areas of Marine Science, Biotechnology, IoT and Sensing and Energy.