our mission


Pandemics, global climate change and food security challenges – to overcome the grand challenges we face collaboration and co-ordination across the Scottish Research and Innovation landscape is paramount. We need innovative and interdisciplinary research to protect our health, wellbeing and environment and drive sustainable economic growth.


Research Pooling supports national collaboration allowing Scotland, as a small, ambitious and well-connected country, to match the best in the world in research and innovation. Combining the driving force of our Research Pools, into a shared resource, further enhances our ability to advance R&I and ensure a robust, resilient wellbeing economy for Scotland.


RIS showcases the wide range of activities happening across the Scottish R&I landscape; alerts and educates academics, research students and businesses on opportunities for collaboration and ignites new cross-sector partnerships that drive economic and social change.


Help us fill this space! If you are running activities or events that are cross-sector and cross-disciplines get in touch and help us alert academics, researchers and businesses on opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to engage and see the impact your research can have on the UK’s recovery.

“The Scottish research and innovation landscape is rich, diverse and full of great potential for our society and economy.  It’s size, complexity and numerous institutions can leave the potential collaborator confused about where to start.  This fresh initiative highlights and explains how all these organisations are open to multi-disciplinary collaborations, signposting the organisations and expertise across the Research Pools and beyond.“

Simon Andrews, Executive Director, Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd

“I welcome this new initiative that will become THE go-to resource of past, present, and importantly, the future of multi-disciplinary research and development initiatives across Scotland. By bridging research and innovation organisations to address global challenges while increasing productivity and sustainable economic growth, the objectives of RIS are well-matched to the ambitions expressed in the recently published 2020 UK Government R&D Roadmap.”

Professor Rory Duncan, UKRI Director, Talent & Skills

“Research Innovation Scotland is a great opportunity to highlight Scotland’s excellent research base and promote collaboration. It will provide a useful link for anyone who wants to find out more, showcase some of the leading research being done here, and point to the positive difference that research makes to our understanding of the world as well as our health and wellbeing, environment, and economy.”

Professor Sheila Rowan, Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland